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Ernie Howlett Park

Ernie Howlett Park, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a popular site for skateboarders and BMX bikers. This park was named after a man named Ernest Howlett, who founded the first set of wooden ramps at this location during the early 1980s historic "Banana Rail" period. During this time (1983-1986), central LA became a hotbed for skateboarding, producing many pro-world class riders.

Ernie Howlett Park is famous for its central "hubbas" and 'transition' bowl. This park is a great place to spend the day skating or biking, whether you are an experienced skater or biker looking for an awesome new ride spot, or you are just visiting Los Angeles, CA with friends who skateboard/bike and want to watch them.

There are several strange things about this park that make it unique in Los Angeles County. First off, the park contains an asphalt basketball court with an actual hoop. This makes the park appear to be two distinct locations in one, as you can see from the aerial view.

Ernie Howlett Park Activities

Ernie Howlett Park has held several world-famous contests, including the 2005 X Games LA qualifier contest, where Colin McKay edged out Bob Burnquist by 0.5 points to win. This was one of two qualifiers held at this site that year. The other was held in September 2005 and won by Luan Oliveira.

This park was also the location of a famous contest named "Slap" in February 2008 for which all proceeds went to help pay for a skatepark in Nicaragua, compliments of professional skateboarder Chris Pfanner. He wanted to raise money by holding this event at his local park, rather than at one of the larger contests.

Ernie Howlett Park Facilities

Ernie Howlett Park has lots of facilities including several large skatepark elements including a flat rail, hubbas, step-up, 2 'funboxes', and a huge ladder gap. In addition, there is a complete dirt BMX track around the perimeter of the park. BMXers are welcome to use all of these features at no charge.

The park is free for everyone to use because of Mr. Howlett's generous donation of land to the city many years ago.

Ernie Howlett Park has decent bathrooms and a small skate shop, called "Unreal", that sells both at reasonable prices.

It also has a great public restroom facility.

Ernie Howlett Park Details

Neighborhood leisure area with a skate park & basketball courts, plus a playground & a shallow pool.

Address: 12100 S Inglewood Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

Phone: (310) 349-1640

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California, Located in Los Angeles

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