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Gardena Bowling Center

Gardena Bowling Center, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a historic site that was opened in 1960 and built by employees of the United States government. With a long history of service, it attracted mostly African American bowlers and customers for decades before its decline in recent years.

Gardena Bowling Center is famous for its historic role in black culture and its location near other famous locations within Los Angeles.

Gardena Bowling Center History

Betty Williams Peterson, who founded the Gardena Valley Women's Club with her mother-in-law in 1982 said: "It was the only bowling alley in the country that had an all African-American women's league. They were very strong bowlers."

Historically, Gardena Bowling Center was a place where African Americans were welcomed and were featured in an article titled, "Gardena Bowl: 'Home of Black Bowling'" that appeared in the Los Angeles Sentinel.

Gardena Bowling Center was built by the U.S government during World War II to create extra income for churches and school programs after it had been noticed that many people were unemployed due to the war effort. This center-supported many historically African-American centers in the area.

The building was created in a unique way because it had longer lanes than other bowling alleys and a small brush that caused a large amount of friction, causing the ball to go very fast.

Gardena Bowling Center Facilities

Gardena Bowling Center is home to an alley and theatre. The bowling alley has 72 lanes and was recently closed due to low revenue and the cost of renovations.

Gardena Bowling Center has lots of facilities including a concession stand, which also sells pizza. It has a snack bar and the lanes are equipped with automatic scoring. The theatre has seating for 300 people.

A normal game of bowling costs $5 per person. For an extra cost, one can rent shoes and ball returning equipment at Gardena Bowling Center.

Gardena Bowling Center also has pool tables.

Gardena Bowling Center Events

Gardena Bowling Center has hosted many events throughout the years. However, today it is mostly used for special occasions such as weddings and parties.

There are several groups that have expressed interest in buying the bowling alley to turn it into a community center or family fun activity during summertime. Some people hope to revive this historic bowling center, despite its decline.

The Gardena Valley Women's Club, which was mentioned earlier, hosts events at Gardena Bowling Center for local residents. These include scholarship fundraisers and holiday parties.

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