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Hollyglen Park

Hollyglen Park, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a quaint little park that is fun for kids and has many activities to keep them busy. It also has a nice play structure, but what really makes this one stand out are the huge trees! There are so many of them around the playground, providing both shade and hiding spots for children.

The playground itself is quite large; it's not one of those compact, super-toy-filled playgrounds (which is good if your child wants to run around). It has nice equipment like swings and slides.

Hollyglen Park also has interesting scenery all around it. On one side of the park, there is a beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles. There are also some great views of the mountains and LAX on the other sides as well.

The park has many benches for those who want to sit and relax and take in all that they see surrounding them.

Hollyglen Park Facilities

In Hollyglen Park, there are picnic tables for family picnics, which is great because one can enjoy their lunch or dinner while watching their child play with the other children that frequent this park. There is often a playdate happening there, as parents have been known to see other friends' children playing with their own.

There is a small grassy area right next to the playground for those who want a change of scenery from the asphalt and concrete. It's a very relaxing place to sit under one of the many large trees, creating shade so you can sit there comfortably. The view is nice too since you are looking at a lush green hill.

Hollyglen Park also has an adult fitness center with exercise equipment you can use for free, during certain hours of the day. This area is right next to the grassy area mentioned above, so if someone wanted to bring their book or their laptop, they could sit there and read or do whatever digital thing that needs doing.

Hollyglen Park is also great for those who want to go running. There is a nice jogging path that goes around it and is well lit at night. Also, if you like to bike ride, this is the perfect location for you since there is plenty of room on the side for cyclists and joggers to share.

Hollyglen Park Details

Community park offering tennis & basketball courts, picnic sites & a large, sandy playground area.

Address: 5255 137th St, Hawthorne, CA 90250

Phone: (310) 349-1640

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Located in Los Angeles CA

By Citrus Fresh Housekeeping

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