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HUSTLER® Casino, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a casino, hotel, and RV park.

HUSTLER® Casino is famous for its Keno games. There are many restaurants and bars at HUSTLER® Casino to visit.

In addition, there is a full-service RV park on the premises of the casino.

Most visitors to HUSTLER® Casino are here to play the Keno games. The casino is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are live entertainment shows at this casino on Saturdays only.

HUSTLER® Casino does not have mass transit nearby, but there is a bus stop located on the premises.

HUSTLER® Casino History

History: In 1970, Paul J. Kaufman opened the first LAPCO Park outside of Chicago in Brooklyn Center, MN. After selling it to a group of investors from Chicago in 1972, he began developing HUSTLER Casino properties. Soon after opening the second location in La Crosse, WI in 1973, Kaufman was approached by Hollywood Park Enterprises.

Eventually, after a merger in 1978, HUSTLER Casino became the first non-tribal casino in California. The company's next triumph came when it opened its current location near Los Angeles in 1981.

After that initial success, LAPCO went public under the name of "Hustler" in 1982 and eventually made its way to the New York Stock Exchange.

Recently, in 2005, Casinos Austria purchased HUSTLER Casino for $2.1 billion.

Today, there are 103 casinos around the world that bear the name of HUSTLER® Casino. Although some have changed their names under licensing rights, others continue to operate under the original brand name.

HUSTLER® Casino Facilities

HUSTLER® Casino offers a buffet, a coffee shop, and a sports bar.

The Sports Bar is open for both dinner and drinks. There are many sports channels available to watch. It also features a Keno lounge, which offers Keno games all day long.

The BINGO Hall at HUSTLER® Casino is an exciting place to play bingo. There are five bingo games available every day.

The buffet at HUSTLER® Casino is open seven days a week for dinner and serves delicious food. There is also a coffee shop on the premises, which offers breakfast all day long.

HUSTLER® Casino Events

There are many events at HUSTLER Casino.

One of the most popular is the Grand Opening Party, which takes place every year on January 13th and 14th. Free drinks and food are available for those who stay at HUSTLER® Casino.

The Keno Tournaments are also popular at HUSTLER® Casino, taking place every Friday night. This event is often used to raise money for various charities.

Finally, the "Meet the Models" Party takes place once a month on Tuesdays. This event is hosted by Heaven Sent Bunnies Management and features guest models.

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