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Los Arboles Rocketship Park

Los Arboles Rocketship Park, located in Los Angeles, CA, is an accessible playground designed by artists to encourage imaginative play. The rocketship was designed in 1960 when the community decided they wanted a children's park that would offer something different than what had already been developed.

Originally, there had only been swings and slides on the land until local artists stepped up to volunteer their time toward building a new piece of playground equipment. The artists built the spaceship out of scrap metal that was donated by local businesses and decorated it with items found in local trash bins.

The Los Arboles Rocketship Park opened on March 26, 1960, with over 2000 children in attendance to enjoy the new play area for this neighborhood park. Since its opening day, the park has become a popular spot to play for children of all ages. Today, the park features slides, monkey bars, and mini swings that are all surrounded by sculpted landscape areas.

Los Arboles Rocketship Park is located in Hollenbeck Heights, a district in the Eastside region of Los Angeles. The only access to the park is from a street that leads to Hollenbeck Park. The park is located in a quiet neighborhood where a variety of plant life can be seen growing around the children's play structure. The trees also provide a cool shade for those hot summer days.

Los Arboles Rocketship Park Attractions

The Los Arboles Rocket Playground is extremely popular with children because of its unique design. Children are always excited to see the spaceship standing in the middle of the play area and like to pretend like they are traveling through space as they run up and down the slides.

Since it was built, the structure has remained almost unchanged. It has changed colors and has been maintained regularly, but still remains a piece of art that brings enjoyment to the children.

The nearby trees and landscaped areas provide shade for those hot summer days and make the park inviting. The grassy field also provides room for families to relax on warm sunny afternoons before heading home.

Los Arboles Rocketship Park Facilities

The playground at Los Arboles Rocketship Park is designed with children in mind. The majority of the equipment on the park is accessible to children who use wheelchairs or have other mobility issues so that they can play alongside their friends and other neighborhood kids.

Monkey bars, slides, swings, and a rock-climbing wall are included in the park's equipment.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset daily and there is no cost for use.

It also has a picnic area, a public bathroom, and a drinking fountain nearby.

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CA, Los Angeles

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