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Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden

Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a spectacular place. It is home to more than 1,500 plant species and other elements (a babbling brook runs through the garden).

The Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden's design provides for a multi-leveled approach to learning about plants, water conservation, mulching techniques, and local wildlife habitats. The garden is home to a large variety of plants, including both natives and exotics.

Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden Attractions

There are several attractions at the Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden, including California native plants, a babbling brook that guides visitors through the garden's main paths, and a large variety of primarily desert plant species.

Visitors can appreciate everything from birds, fish, and turtles to koi in the ponds. In addition, there are several wildlife-friendly plants native to California suited for garden or landscape use throughout the site, including a cactus yard and a large variety of shrubs and trees.

The garden's walking paths range from short meandering pathways that join into one long meandering path to large wide paths that divide into smaller lanes that encircle the perimeters.

The main paths are covered with gravel, which does not require too much water. Smaller side paths are covered in mulch and decomposed granite. The garden staff reduced water usage by 80-90% after implementing this new concept.

Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden Facilities

The Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden is home to a large visitor center, which features a gift shop and quality educational programs. The center includes restrooms with showers, meeting rooms, event space for weddings or meetings, and beautiful views of the garden's grounds.

The Design Group Inc., Van der Ryn & Company, American Forest Foundation (National Arbor Day Foundation), and the California Center for Urban Horticulture (UC Davis) helped to create this beautiful garden. The garden is open every day of the week except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and New Year's Eve Day.

The gift shop sells fresh cut flowers, plants, seeds, gardening tools, books on horticulture and nature appreciation, and much more.

There is a $5 donation fee for those visiting the garden. The admission fee helps to keep the garden running and supports local charities, including Best Friends Animal Society, which runs the largest animal sanctuary in southern California for homeless animals.

Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden Activities

The Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy the company of others. Visitors can take a walk through the garden, sit by one of its many ponds, or have a picnic in one of the designated areas. The garden also hosts year-round activities for children and adults alike.

Many weddings are held in the garden, including a beautiful wedding in November of 2013. The garden offers a variety of spaces to host celebrations and has an indoor or outdoor option for each season.

The Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden encourages everyone to visit often so they can learn more about local habitat restoration efforts and conservation programs.

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Located at Los Angeles CA

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