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Move In Cleaning Redondo Beach

citrus fresh house keeping move in clean

Here at Citrus Fresh Housekeeping, you do not need to worry at all about unpacking into your new place, as we are always on standby to help you get your newly acquired space cleaned up – we clean as if your space is ours.

Moving into a new home signifies a fresh start. However, more often than not, people do get overwhelmed with the task of cleaning their new space up and unpacking their things, so much that they have little or no time at all to plan other things.

Albeit, Citrus Fresh Housekeeping can take care of this for you! Our team of dedicated cleaning experts are committed to providing a thorough cleaning of your new house right before you pack your things inside. Move in cleaning services are quite delicate

and sensitive, and therefore, need to be treated as such. Hence, to this end, Citrus Fresh

Housekeeping ensures that your Redondo Beach home is in perfect livable conditions before you

and your family pack in. 

The flexibility affixed to the demonstration of our packing-in services is also quite unbeatable

around this area. Over the years, we can boast of being the most flexible move-in cleaning company located in Redondo Beach, California, and its environs. You can be sure of enjoying complete and deep cleaning services by hiring us too. 

Citrus Fresh Housekeeping move-in cleaning services include but not limited to the following:

  • Sweeping and deep-vacuuming of all floors

  • Wiping down of baseboards

  • Scrubbing the bathtubs and shower.

  • Scrubbing of the toilets

  • Cleaning sinks, countertops, and other related housewares

  • Cleaning of all kitchen appliances

  • General dusting.

From experience, we advise that you clean your new home before you move your belongings into

them– typically, that is the best thing to do. Because, this way, you would allow us enough space

to deep clean your new home, and ensure that every part of the building enjoys the cleaning

attention that they all deserve. 

The pricing system of Citrus Fresh Housekeeping move in cleaning services is quite affordable.

Actually, it boils down to the size of the building to be cleaned, and also the overall condition

that such a space is.

Nonetheless, feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss extensively on your move-in

cleaning, and also to get a personalized quote. 

citrus fresh house keeping move in clean
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