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Our services:​ 

  • Residential cleaning

  • Commercial cleaning

  • Real estate cleaning

  • Retail cleaning

  • Property management cleaning services

  • Post construction cleaning

  • Apartment cleaning solutions

  • Housekeeping Services

  • Weekly cleaning services

  • Bi-Weekly cleaning services

  • Monthly cleaning services

  • Occasional cleaning

  • Move in cleaning

  • Move out cleaning

  • Deep cleaning

  • Event cleaning

  • Final clean up

One of the crucial aspects of construction and setting up is post-construction cleaning, especially for residential and commercial construction projects. Here at Citrus Fresh Housekeeping, we are a team of dedicated cleaners committed to delivering a clean and efficient post-construction cleaning service to every all our clients located at Redondo Beach, California, and its environs, such that it beats their different expectations. Regardless of the magnitude of work involved in your building, you can trust us to handle it the professional way for you!

Undoubtedly, preparing your new or remodeled building, whether commercial or residential, with a company that boasts of rich experience and wealth of expertise, creative tools, and knowledge is essential to delivering the perfectly clean facility that you desire. Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is your best option in this regard! 

Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is versed in both post-construction and post-renovation services for constructions located in Redondo Beach, California.

If you are planning to move out of your home at Redondo Beach, California, Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is the best cleaning company to hire for your move out cleaning services!

It is an excellent idea to clean up your apartment or space when you are packing out, at least to be as neat and appealing as how you met it when you moved in, especially if you are planning to get a refund of your security deposit on such apartment, or if you are putting the home up for sale or lease. Of course, no one will want to bid for a dirty and unkempt house.

However, regardless of the reason, it is just logical that your former space is left clean. Luckily, Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is here to your rescue! We are always available to help you with your move out cleanings at Redondo Beach and its environs. 

Our team of expert cleaners will thoroughly clean your old house, ensuring that no stone is left unturned while cleaning. Whether what you want is general cleaning or top-to-bottom deep cleaning, you can trust Citrus Fresh Housekeeping to deliver.


All thanks to the new and emerging technologies and processes that we employ during our cleaning processes, you can be sure of having no corners of your former space left uncleaned. More often than not, our cleaning effects leave such an apartment cleaner than how it was when you got it.

Without gainsaying, moving in can be quite challenging, especially when considering the extents of stress involved in cleaning your newly got apartment or building. However, don't worry about these stresses as there are professional cleaners around you to help you in this regard. Should your new apartment be located at Redondo Beach, or its environs, then Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is here to take center stage for you! We are always more than happy to lend a hand to help you get settled in your new space as quickly as possible.

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