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Pier Avenue

Pier Avenue, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a neighborhood with a variety of shops and restaurants in the form of large, single-story buildings. The street is right on the water, thus it makes sense that there are many restaurants selling fish, as well as other seafood. As you walk around Pier Avenue, along Santa Monica Beach, any time of day, you will see lots of people walking around, sitting at the many benches, and relaxing with their families.

Many people live on Pier Avenue. There are many different types of housing available, from apartments and condos to houses and bungalows. There are also several facilities for those who want to make their home in care homes.

Pier Avenue Attractions


There are many attractions at Pier Avenue. Anyone who has ever been to the city knows Grauman's Chinese Theater, which is located right on the street, and it attracts lots of tourists in addition to movie-goers. It is one of several movie theaters in the area that show both mainstream movies along independent films.

Another well-known building is the L.A. Mart and is the largest building west of Chicago at 454,000-square-feet. The main attraction at this large building is its retail area, which includes over 100 retailers that sell everything from fresh vegetables to bikinis.

It also has 30 restaurants, 40 cafes, and coffee shops, in addition to 10 food court locations that serve everything from Indian food to crepes.

Pier Avenue Community Activities

There are many community activities at Pier Avenue. Every year, the street holds a holiday parade for Christmas, which involves floats, dancers, and cheerleaders along with local businesses participating.

There are also free concerts on Friday nights throughout the summer months. These events bring the community together so everyone can have fun. Additionally, there are summer camps for children to participate in, which allows children to become more active during the summer.

Pier Avenue Facilities

There are several facilities at Pier Avenue. There is an indoor pool, outdoor pool, and tennis courts for those who enjoy sports. Also, there is a library and community center where people can go to learn about the area. The library offers everything from storytime for children to hosting events involving authors and speakers that come to share their wisdom with others.

There are also two schools in the area, one of which is a preschool. This allows parents to prepare their children for elementary school before sending them off to learn and grow.

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LA, California

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