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Polliwog Park

Polliwog Park, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a small park with a play area and drinking fountain.

Polliwog Park is famous for a scene from a popular TV show called 'Friends.' In the scene, two of the main characters, Ross and Chandler, are having a conversation while sitting on a park bench. Their backs to the camera, they laugh as they discuss their childhood.

Polliwog Park has been referenced in other movies and shows as well. Bravo's "Flipping Out" features Jeff Lewis looking out the window to see if his client is parked in front of Polliwog Park.

The park has gained even more fame recently because of its role in the popular TV show "Glee".

History of Polliwog Park

The park was known as Beverly Municipal Swimming Pool in 1912-1926 when it opened. The pool was operated by the Beverly Hills Women's Club, an organization of local women who converted the pool from a small pool to an Olympic-sized pool in 1926, which it remains today. In 1932, the park was renamed Polliwog Park because of its reference to the polliwog tadpole-like child stage of development for frogs and toads.

The park underwent modernization in 1995, which included work on the existing buildings, the addition of a new building, and paving. Since 2002, the park has been maintained by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

The park is located in Beverly Hills near Santa Monica Boulevard and North Crescent Drive. It occupies an area of 0.22 acres (8,000 m²).

Polliwog Park Facilities

The park has a playground and drinking fountain. On-site facilities include an enclosed restroom and a community room for registered parties and programs.

Playground equipment includes a slide, swingset play, climbing frames, and structures.

The park is surrounded by homes which are on large lots. The park also has many trees with native species including sycamore, palm, pine, pepper tree, California buckeye, redbud, and willow. A small creek runs along the eastern side of the park and is adjacent to a small undeveloped wooded area.

Polliwog Park Activities

The park has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, which is available for lap swimming, water exercise classes, and recreational use. A "splash pad" was added in the summer of 2008 to help reduce heat-related illnesses.

A variety of sporting events are held at Polliwog Park, including aquatics programs such as Water Walking Water Aerobics , and Water Polo .

The park also has a playground and a drinking fountain. The City of Los Angeles provides programs that include swimming lessons, preschool art classes, after-school sports teams, and adult yoga. A volunteer group called Friends of Polliwog Park meets regularly to clean up the park and organize activities for senior citizens in the neighborhood.


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