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Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach Pier, located in Los Angeles, CA, is a beach community of people who love to surf. The pier is a long walkway with an adjacent parking lot, allowing for easy access to cars and chairs. Along this pier are many shops that range from clothing stores to restaurants, bars, candy stands, etc. Being that the pier has become an area where locals frequent it seems as if there might be a sense of community here, but the chaos that ensues on extremely crowded days proves otherwise because it draws tourists from all over who only wish to get their picture taken in front of the iconic pier sign.

The pier is home to three different species of sea life. Jellyfish, a common sight in the ocean, reside underneath it for shelter from predators. Whitebait fish are always found swimming about as they search for food to feed their young. Sharks wait around the pier, attempting to catch some of those small fish as they come by.

The pier is also home to many tourists who come here in search of respite from the chaotic city life that surrounds it. People flock here every day to take pictures along the beach or go for a walk on the Boardwalk, which is located at the end of the pier.

The people who live here are constantly reminded why they moved to Redondo Beach, especially since it's located right next door to Los Angeles. It is a calm neighborhood where jerks seldom roam around, even though quite a few homes are away from the beach.

Since there are quite a few homes that are away from the beach it has become quite difficult for potential residents to find affordable housing. To combat this, some citizens have resorted to constructing their own homes on the sea which is visible just past the pier.

Redondo Beach History

Before Redondo Beach was settled, it was just an island. Some of the first known people to come to this area were the Gabrielino-Tongva tribe who inhabited the region prior to Spanish settlers arriving. They are responsible for naming Redondo Beach after their leader, Chief Redondo.

Redondo Beach Pier Events

The pier also hosts many events that are meant to draw the locals into the area. Some of these include concerts, parades, carnivals, etc. Surf competitions are held nearly every weekend for both professional and amateur athletes to showcase their talents in an effort to win big prizes.

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