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Torrance Art Museum

Torrance Art Museum, located in Los Angeles, CA is the only museum in the South Bay region of Los Angeles. The permanent collection contains over 800 works by contemporary artists like Larry Bell, Ed Ruscha, Barbara Kasten, Robert Irwin, Chris Burden, Ed Moses, David Hockney, and many others.

They also display contemporary and historical works by Los Angeles artists. The Torrance Art Museum frequently hosts traveling exhibitions which change about every eight months. They were the first museum in the South Bay to start this kind of program. This is a great opportunity for those who miss visiting museums because there's no time during the school year or they live too far away to worry about gas expenses.

Torrance Art Museum is a non-profit organization interested citizens who also were art enthusiasts. These founders came up with the idea of an arts center for the city's residents and students after attending other museums in Los Angeles. The Torrance Art Museum is the only contemporary art center in the South Bay region of Los Angeles.

Torrance Art Museum History

This museum started with the creation of The Art Society of Torrance which decided to turn their group into a non-profit organization so they could create an arts center for the city's residents and students after attending other museums in Los Angeles.

The founders were Mary Ellen Bosworth, Paul Raibourn, Dorothy Stang, Josephine Carter, Hansell D. Duckett, Margaret J. Gray, Caroline Gump, Viola Wayne Hancock, Minnie Hite Morgan, Joyce Pearce Hunt, Marguerite Johnson-Cadwell, Belle Roath Kilpatrick, and Selina Maitreya.

They took the art society's personal collection of over 200 works to the city of Torrance, but these works still didn't cover the need for them to have a permanent collection.

They managed to get members and funds together and started looking for land that could be donated or leased. The city of Torrance also gave financial help. It wasn't until 1965 when they decided to purchase a temporary building, because by then they had just a little over 400 works.

In 1972 they finally got a piece of land and built the current museum which is where it still operates today. The Torrance Art Museum isn't just a building but a center for community enrichment through collecting, exhibiting and interpreting art.

Torrance Art Museum Facilities

The Torrance Art Museum is the only museum in Los Angeles County to have its own parking lot which accommodates 200 vehicles. Admission for Torrance residents is free of charge, but there are cases where they have certain exhibits which do have an admission fee, so check their website before you go.

They also host programs that are related to the exhibitions, such as artist talks and guided tours, for adults and children. The Torrance Art Museum takes pride in the fact that they offer a space where visitors can interact with contemporary art of all genres.

The museum is located in the middle of a recycled shipping port warehouse, and it's surrounded by art studios and galleries.

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