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Torrance Historical Society

Torrance Historical Society, located in Los Angeles, CA, is the oldest non-profit society in the city. They are also one of the largest, with more than 20,000 archival items under their ownership.

The collection has been used in many ways, from exhibits to books and even short films. The society was founded by a group of Torrance citizens who wanted to preserve the history of their city for future generations.

Torrance Historical Society History

Society began with a small group of people. In 1973, several members of the Hallmark Photographic Collection Committee formed a "Torrance Historical Society," with the goal of saving a little-known Torrance landmark, a house built in 1910 by two railroad engineers, from being dismantled and destroyed.

In 1991 they opened their permanent exhibit in a building donated to them by The Boeing Company. It is located in the Torrance Cultural Arts Center.

The Torrance Historical Society collection covers Torrance's history from its Native American origins through the present day. The contributions of pioneers, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs are preserved. One can view many items like maps, hand tools, sports memorabilia, jewelry, family papers, and photographs. There are also many ephemeral items, such as newspapers and telephone books dating back to the early 1900s.

The collection also touches on Torrance's role in World War II. The THS has a large display of war posters and recruiting ads from the 1940s, including one by Disney Studios that was used worldwide. Many wartime oral histories, interviews with veterans, and photographs are also available.

More than 20,000 items make up the Torrance Historical Society's archive collection. They include photographs, maps, posters war records, books, scrapbooks, oral histories recordings, telephone books. The organization is governed by a board of directors that consists of 22 members (about half are active).

Torrance Historical Society Events

Torrance Historical Society offers lectures, slide shows, vintage film showings, special exhibits, tours of historic sites in Torrance, and other events. The society holds an annual fundraising gala every year at the end of January. The Gala typically features a silent auction for collectible items related to airplanes and space travel.

The Museum also has exhibitions throughout the year. Some of these are temporary, while others are permanent fixtures to the museum.

One of their most popular permanent exhibits is the "Circa 1970s" room, which contains household items, appliances, and other decor representatives of that time period. The Torrance Historical Society also occasionally hosts events involving local schools or organizations that are studying the history of the South Bay.

Torrance Historical Society Details

Housed in a 1936 library, this museum offers permanent & rotating local history exhibits & archives.

Address: 1345 Post Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: (310) 328-5392

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