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Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is a Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and COVID-19 Certified Cleaner in Los Angeles

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially severe in California, infecting huge numbers and causing lockdowns and restrictions. If keeping your property COVID-19 safe is your priority, you need to find licensed COVID-19 cleaning services in Los Angeles. Citrus Fresh Housekeeping has a team of COVID-19 certified cleaners in Los Angeles who are insured to clean and disinfect your facility. When you want to keep your property or premises COVID-19 safe, it’s not enough to work with the first cleaner you find. You need to hire bonded cleaners who are trained in working to limit the spread of this infectious disease.

Citrus Fresh Housekeeping Offers House Cleaning in Los Angeles and Palos Verdes

Housecleaning and disinfecting for coronavirus are things that should be carried out by a professional cleaning team. Housekeeping in Los Angeles is not always enough to limit the spread of the virus. Citrus Fresh Housekeeping can provide house cleaning in Palos Verdes and a maid in Los Angeles in a COVID-19 safe manner.


Commercial Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

As a company offering commercial cleaning in Los Angeles, Citrus Fresh Housekeeping provides cleaning to households and businesses alike. In addition to operating as a commercial coronavirus cleaning company, Citrus Fresh’s services include office cleaning in Los Angeles, deep cleaning in Los Angeles, and post-construction cleaning in Los Angeles.


People Also Ask:

Q: Should cleaning services be bonded?

A: You should ideally only hire cleaners that are bonded. If a cleaning service is bonded, you are protected in the event the cleaner damages your property by accident while working.

Q: What does bonded mean for house cleaning?

A: A bond means that you, as a customer, are protected under certain circumstances. If a cleaner is bonded, your property is insured in case the cleaner damages it.

Q: What kind of insurance do I need for my cleaning business?

A: Cleaning insurance is the best type of insurance for a cleaning business to have. It is generally comprehensive and covers the different types of work a cleaner normally carries out.

Q: Should your housekeeper be insured?

A: You should try to only hire insured housekeepers. This protects both you and your cleaner if they become injured or damage your property.

Q: What should I look for in a new housekeeper?

A: You should look for good reviews and feedback, as well as a cleaner that provides a range of different services. Ideally, you should hire a housekeeper who is insured.

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