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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Is your construction or renovation project finally done? That's incredible. But have you thought of how to deal with the massive amount of dirt and dust left behind? Your project is only complete when the mess is thoroughly cleaned.

Post-construction cleaning ensures that the building is clean, safe, and ready for occupation. To make it easier for yourself, you can hire professional cleaning services. They will help you clean up your premises within a short time. Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is the leading provider of post-construction cleaning services in the South Bay. Below is our cleaning checklist.

Our Post-Construction Cleaning Checklist

Collecting All the Trash

It is normal to have trash lying all over your construction site. You can rely on us to help you remove construction debris, paint trays, and plastic bags. We remove plastics, tapes, and other packaging materials too. We ensure to dispose of all the trash in the proper ways.

Cleaning Countertops

Does a layer of dust or grime cover your countertops? Our professionals can get them sparkling again. All your countertops need is a damp sponge and the expertise of our cleaners.

Vacuuming Carpeted Areas

You can rely on Citrus Fresh Housekeeping to make your carpet floors look great. Vacuuming carpets is an essential task on our checklist. It helps to remove any debris that might have landed on your floor during construction.

Mopping Hard Floors

After vacuuming the carpeted floors, we turn to the hard floors. We clean a wide range of hard floors such as wood, tile, bamboo, and linoleum.

Cleaning the Windows

Your post-construction cleaning is not complete if the windows are not clean. Our cleaning products are effective in removing handprints and streaks from windows. We value customers' health; thus, our cleaning products are usually organic.

Wiping Down Mirrors

People love a clean mirror. A dirty mirror is the last thing you want in your house. We ensure to wipe down all the mirrors to remove any dirty spots or streaks.

Cleaning Window Sills

A lot of dust and debris can accumulate on the window sills during construction. We dust and wipe down sills to remove any residue on them.

Dusting Ceilings and Ceiling Fans

Clean ceilings and ceiling fans add to the beauty of your home. During construction, large amounts of dust accumulate on the fans. Our cleaners pay special attention to this area and ensure no dust particles are left behind.

Dusting Handrails and Banisters

Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is comprehensive in its work. When you hire us, you are guaranteed that no area of your home is left unattended. We acknowledge that handrails and banisters are a vital component of the beauty of your home. Thus, we ensure to dust all the top parts and the poles.

Cleaning the Toilets

A clean toilet means a healthier home. We understand that a bathroom has an impact on the aesthetics of your home. Thus, we give your toilets the detailed cleaning required.

We scrub the inside and outside of toilet bowls. We also clean the base & lids and sanitize the toilets.

Cleaning Doors

A clean door improves the appearance of a room. When cleaning doors, we clean them from top to bottom.

Cleaning Cabinets

Spotless cabinets make your kitchen look good. When cleaning your kitchen, we wipe down all the cabinets to remove stains and debris.

Cleaning Closets

During construction, workers may store trash or some of their tools in your closet. Sometimes, the garbage is forgotten in those closets. We go through closets and remove any materials that don't belong in them. We also dust and clean the inside of your wardrobe.

Wiping Down the Interior Masonry

The interior surfaces of your building tend to collect a lot of dust during construction. We clean all types of interior surfaces, from rock and marble to brick.

Cleaning Appliances

We clean appliances such as stoves, microwaves, coffee pots, toasters, and refrigerators. If you have these appliances in your home, you should hire professionals to clean them for you. The last thing you want is to get injured trying to clean them yourself.

Wiping Down Tables and Chairs

Wiping down tables and chairs is an essential task on our checklist. Their surfaces tend to carry a lot of dust and debris. Our goal is to leave you with a dust-free home.

Emptying Trash Cans

During construction, your trash cans are always full. Our checklist is not complete without emptying all the trash.

Citrus Fresh Housekeeping is a trusted post-construction cleaning company in the South Bay. Call us if you want a smooth move into your new home!

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